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With Relay2, providers unlock the power of advanced Wi-Fi Edge Computing, gain real-time insights, and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

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Deliver transformative Wi-Fi experiences with real-time analytics and edge intelligence.

Our solutions enable applications and services to run locally at the edge.

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The Relay2 platform enables third-party developers to create new smart city applications that reduce backhaul costs. Based on open-source Dockers, the solutions enable applications to be quickly deployed and validated.

Reduce Latency Issues

Applications not loading fast enough? Relay2 helps you understand how your application will work based on varying internet speeds and Wi-Fi connectivity. Lower latency as applications are nearer to the source of information with our on-premises converged edge platform.

Multitenancy Wi-Fi Infrastructure with Managed Virtual Access Points


This white paper explores in detail the concept of multitenancy Wi-Fi. It looks at the challenges posed by existing Wi-Fi solutions as well as the benefits that Relay2’s Managed Virtual Access Point (MVAP) solution provides. It is geared toward multitenant property owners in retail (shopping centers and malls), hospitality (convention centers, hotels, etc.), multidwelling units (MDU), and multitenant units (MTU). The topics covered are also relevant to managed service providers (MSPs) serving these sectors.