Multitenancy Wi-Fi Infrastructure with Managed Virtual Access Points

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Executive Summary

In an increasingly mobile world, people desire to connect, communicate, and consume content everywhere. In retail, a recent survey showed that 85% of consumers with smartphones use them while shopping in-store. In hospitality, free Wi-Fi remains the most sought-after amenity, increasingly driving hotel selection. For convention centers, attendees expect Wi-Fi and exhibitors to increasingly rely on Wi-Fi to generate a meaningful ROI from events. Across these verticals, offering robust Wi-Fi to deliver a branded mobile experience to customers and guests is now a strategic imperative that can boost customer experiences, drive loyalty, and improve business performance all around.

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The Need for Branded Wi-Fi

This white paper explores in detail the concept of multitenancy Wi-Fi. It looks at the challenges posed by existing Wi-Fi solutions as well as the benefits that Relay2’s Managed Virtual Access Point (MVAP) solution provides. It is geared toward multitenant property owners in retail (shopping centers and malls), hospitality (convention centers, hotels, etc.), multidwelling units (MDU), and multitenant units (MTU). The topics covered are also relevant to managed service providers (MSPs) serving these sectors.