Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform

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Executive Summary

The Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform is a cutting-edge solution designed to orchestrate and manage Relay2 Service Points and their edge-computing hosted applications from the cloud.

By leveraging the power of Relay2 Service Point’s edge computing, Relay2 enables managed service providers (MSPs) and organizations to build advanced Wi-Fi network infrastructures with edge computing, which enhances application services performance and unlocks new edge services and revenue possibilities in both vertical and horizontal markets.

This white paper aims to provide an overview of the Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform, highlighting its significance in the IT infrastructure landscape and focusing on its unique features.

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What Is the Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform?

The Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform consists of a network edge device—the Relay2 Wi-Fi Service Point—and a cloud portal service to manage and orchestrate the Wi-Fi networking, Service Point, and edge computing for custom-built or open-source edge applications. Distributing, hosting, provisioning, and automating are possible on the Edge Apps Orchestrator.

The Relay2 ServiceEdge Platform aims to offer a better solution for Wi-Fi-as-a-service providers to address their existing challenges of higher operating costs and lower ROI and improve their competitiveness with edge-computing for advanced value-added services.