Bridging the Digital Divide

About Olivia Technologies
Last-Mile, Digital Delivery Platform that Works Anytime, Anywhere

Leveraging edge technologies, Olivia delivers access to digital educational resources even in low-bandwidth environments or when internet connectivity is unavailable. 

Olivia’s plug-and-play solution supports a school’s existing learning-management system, adaptive learning, and social-emotional programs. Delivering digital resources both online and offline, the Olivia platform produces consolidated analytics, revealing levels of engagement, preferred types of content, study habits, areas of interest, and much more. 

Along with committed partners in the ecosystem, Olivia has created an opportunity to improve education outcomes through adaptive, personalized learning while narrowing the digital divide.




California, US

The Challenge

Lack of access to adequate internet connectivity for students
Plug-and-play solution delivered exceptional application performance.
ServiceEdge Platform provided robust security and privacy.
Service Point technology enables scalability for the future.


Unraveling the Challenge

In a world where digital education has become the norm, a significant number of students in the US continue to lack access to adequate internet connectivity that would afford them equal opportunity for their learning journey.

A 2021 report from Common Sense Media found that 15 to 16 million K–12 public school students in the US live in homes with inadequate internet or computing devices. This represents around 30% of all public school students in the US. Globally, the number of students without internet accessibility is nearly 1 billion.

Aiming to bridge the digital divide, Olivia is poised to transform learning experiences for students in all environments, including those with limited or no internet access. Olivia delivers student digital engagement through a combination of digital homework assignments and a vetted, curated library of videos, podcasts, and ebooks. Olivia works in low- or no-bandwidth environments by leveraging edge technologies. A protective walled garden creates a personalized learning experience for its user. School districts can also benefit from in-depth insight through consolidated data analytics.

“The edge platform provides us with a seamless integration of storage and networking functionality that plays a significant role in reducing the time to market for Olivia’s solution.”

—Daniel Kwong, cofounder and COO, Olivia


The Game-Changing Solution: Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform

After a meticulous evaluation of various platforms and hardware solutions, Olivia discovered Relay2’s advanced integrated edge-computing Wi-Fi Service Point, the device component of the ServiceEdge Platform. This comprehensive solution provided exceptional service-management functions and key edge-computing components, including computing hardware, local content storage, Wi-Fi, and application container platform.

In Olivia’s quest to bridge the digital divide, Relay2’s Service Point technology and ServiceEdge Platform became valuable allies. As Daniel Kwong, Co-Founder and COO of Olivia, puts it, “The [ServiceEdge Platform] provides us with a seamless integration of storage and networking functionality that plays a significant role in reducing the time to market for Olivia’s solution.”


The Results: A Win-Win Partnership

The collaboration’s impact was and continues to be profound. Olivia’s solutions were met with an overwhelmingly positive response from customers and the broader industry, underscoring the pivotal role that Relay2’s components played in this initial success.

Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform emerged as a key component of Olivia’s solution. Olivia relies on Relay2 for critical components such as hardware, OS, networking, and the Docker environment, thus supporting its application and enabling students to access localized content seamlessly through Relay2’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Relay2’s network management system (NMS) also provided Olivia with a scalable tool as a component of the Olivia Service Management System. “The service-oriented approach of Relay2’s solution helps improve Olivia’s service manageability and the customer experience in our endeavor to bridge the digital divide,” Kwong explains.