Revolutionizing K–12 Education: Relay2’s Service Points Wi-Fi Edge Computing Solutions Level the Digital Playing Field

The ServiceEdge Platform enables partners to create unique applications connecting students to digital learning resources, bridging the digital divide.

MILPITAS, CA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Relay2 is leading the charge in Wi-Fi-as-a-Service Edge Computing, powered by its patented ServiceEdge Platform. Relay2’s innovative device technology, Service Points, aims to help industries create a more equitable world by addressing the global digital divide and promoting equal opportunities in K–12 education.

The digital divide poses a significant challenge for K–12 educational institutions, characterized by gaps in technology access, reliable internet connectivity and digital resources. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those residing in underserved areas face obstacles that limit their educational opportunities and perpetuate inequality.

In support of its digital application partners tackling these challenges, Relay2 offers the ServiceEdge Platform solution. This solution enables partners to create unique applications connecting students to digital learning resources, bridging the digital divide. Built on Relay2’s groundbreaking Service Points technology, the ServiceEdge Platform is transforming Wi-Fi-as-a-Service Edge Computing. Designed for scalability and adaptability to meet diverse industry needs, Relay2’s solutions offer unparalleled control, enhanced infrastructure efficiency and optimized performance at the network edge. By narrowing the global digital divide and strengthening K–12 educational equality, Relay2 and its application partners are fostering an environment that supports more equitable educational opportunities.

Relay2 envisions a world where every student has equal access to digital opportunities. Its ServiceEdge Platform plays a vital role in realizing this vision by offering transformative benefits to K–12 educational institutions:

— Exceptional Application Performance: Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform enhances application performance, speeds up market entry and reduces operational costs by simplifying network, computing and storage infrastructure.

— Robust Security and Privacy: Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform ensures secure application deployment across diverse networks and strengthens data privacy, fostering a secure local ecosystem that defends against cyber threats.

— Scalability for the Future: Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform simplifies the implementation and management of applications with Wi-Fi accessibility to meet the dynamic needs of K–12 schools. Through its wide range of value-added services, Relay2 seeks to enhance user experience as these institutions embark on their digital transformation journey and expand device usage.


Eric Chen, Relay2 CEO and founder and an advocate for educational equality, emphasized, “Our ServiceEdge Platform delivers the application performance, security and privacy required to enable smarter digital education application innovation, faster development and superior service delivery to support K–12 educational equality.”

Relay2’s collaboration with partners like Olivia Technologies reinforces its mission.

“Relay2’s ServiceEdge Platform is a key component of Olivia’s technology infrastructure. The edge platform provides us a seamless integration of storage and networking functionality that significantly reduces the time to market for Olivia’s solution,” said Daniel Kwong, Olivia Technologies cofounder and COO. “The service-oriented approach of Relay2’s solution also helps improve Olivia’s service manageability and customer experience to bridge the digital divide.”


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About Relay2
Relay2 empowers our partners to revolutionize K–12 education with the ServiceEdge Platform, designed to streamline online educational services from the classroom to the student’s home. By leveraging our groundbreaking Service Points technology, we offer seamless service connectivity and performance for online education applications, walled-garden content, faster deployment and scalability tailored to educational institutions’ needs. By shortening the time for our partners’ solution development, Relay2 is accelerating efforts to enable smarter digital education services and shape the future of global K–12 education.

About Olivia Technologies
Olivia is a last-mile, digital delivery platform that works anytime, anywhere. Leveraging edge technologies, Olivia delivers access to digital educational resources even in low-bandwidth environments or when internet connectivity is unavailable. Olivia’s plug-and-play solution supports a school’s existing learning management system, adaptive learning and social-emotional programs.

Delivering digital resources both online and offline, the Olivia platform produces consolidated analytics, revealing levels of engagement, preferred types of content, study habits, areas of interest and much more. Along with committed partners in the ecosystem, Olivia has created an opportunity to improve education outcomes through adaptive, personalized learning while narrowing the digital divide.

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