As the first step, we will start proving experiment of data communication network for provision of Wi-Fi access point of Relay 2 company and automatic operation in airport areas

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Fujitsu Network Solutions Co., Ltd. today announces the “Time & Position” solution that utilizes highly accurate position information and time that can be acquired by launching “MICHIBIKI 4” (quasi-zenith satellite) . By utilizing the “Time & Position” solution that links highly accurate position information and accurate time to individual data flowing over the network, it is possible not only to locate the object as a single unit, but also to use spatial, It is possible to grasp the time position by overlooking it. As the first step in the “Time & Position” solution , we are marketing the “RA 200” series of Wi-Fi access points made by Relay 2 Inc. ( Note 1 , hereinafter Relay 2) with CPU / storage that realizes edge computing from today To do. In addition, as one example of utilization of this solution, we collect and manage the airport’s data communication network and vehicle location information with Avicom Japan Co., Ltd. ( Note 2 , hereinafter referred to as “Avicom Japan”), a carrier for the airport We will conduct demonstration experiments utilizing applications from February 2018. In the future we aim to realize automatic operation utilizing the acquired position information. In the future, in order to fully deploy “Time & Position” solution, we will continue to offer GNSS ( Note 3 ) receiver, electronic reference point, correction signal delivery service, various applications. As a front runner of network solutions, we will contribute to the creation of new business for customers to make people’s lives more convenient and prosperous.

can you buy clomid over the counter in usa Background
In recent years, opportunities to use highly accurate position information are increasing in automobile car navigation and person trajectory management. The Quasi-Zenith Satellite “MICHIBIKI No.4” was launched in October 2017, complementing the existing GPS satellites in four-aircraft system from FY 2018, positioning accuracy with errors of several meters to several tens of meters Improve dramatically and achieve centimeter level positioning. The market in the ground system (space information industry) utilizing such precise location information and time is expected to grow rapidly. Based on the above, we will provide “Time & Position” solution utilizing highly accurate location information and time information by “Michibiki” through extensive experience of network and high technical expertise we have cultivated up to now.

About “Time & Position” solution
The “Time & Position” solution links not only the position information of the object but also the position of the related object connected to the network by linking highly accurate position information and time information provided by “MICHIBIKI” to the network We will be able to grasp information at the same time. By utilizing the “Time & Position” solution, we have made it possible to achieve highly accurate positioning even in indoors where it was difficult to acquire accurate position information in the past, so that we can grasp the location information of people and objects and indoor and outdoor indoor and outdoor Realization.

  1. About Relay 2 Wi-Fi Access Point “RA 200” series
    Relay 2’s “RA 200” series is equipped with CPU and storage in the Wi-Fi access point, so communication processing can be performed within the Wi-Fi access point without going through the core network. This reduces the load on the core network and realizes low latency of the network, which is a feature of edge computing. In order to realize the needs of diverse customers, in addition to various solutions combining the “RA 200” series and applications, in order to realize a network incorporating highly accurate position information and time synchronization in the future, Time & Position “related products and services will be provided.
    • GNSS receiver: High sensitivity receiver capable of receiving signals from faint GPS (GNSS)
      Electronic reference point: Reference point for accurately and continuously measuring the position using the GPS signal
    • Correction signal distribution service: a service that delivers error correction information and defect information of a positioning satellite
    • IMES-TAS: Technology that adds time and delivery timing to IMES that can receive the same radio wave as a GPS signal indoors
  2. Applications to use for “Time & Position”: various applications operating under the above environment
    Demonstration experiment on data communication network for automatic operation with Avicom · Japan
    Combined data communication service in the airport provided by Avicom · Japan and “Time & Position” solution, conducted demonstration experiment using application to collect and manage data communication network and vehicle position information in airport area from February 2018 To do. By grasping and managing the exact position of the vehicle as a first step, by knowing the accurate position information of vehicles, airplanes, and workers in the airport area in conjunction with each other, it is possible to improve the efficiency of the flight schedule We will conduct various experiments aiming at realization of automated driving of airport vehicles.
  3. Sales Objective
    In the three years to 2020 we aim to sell 12 billion yen in sales of products related to “Time & Position” solutions.

    Selling price
    Edge Computing Solutions Relay 2 Wi-Fi Access Point

    No. Product name

    Model FNETS Model Standard price (tax not included) Product Summary
    1 RA 250 RA 200-250 FSN-N 06 H 201 119,000 yen Indoor wireless LAN access point
    · 802.11a / b / g / n / ac correspondence
    · 2 × 2 MIMO (2 spatial stream)
    2 RA 270 RA 200-270 FSN-N 06 H 202 168,000 yen Indoor wireless LAN access point
    · 802.11a / b / g / n / ac correspondence
    · 3 × 3 MIMO (3 spatial stream)Cloud Wi-Fi service license is required separately.

    Our efforts
    We released the application “P-Getter” ( Note 4 ) which obtains the location information of the mobile terminal over 15 years ago and displays it on the map and combines the information of the GPS and the beacon to seamless position information indoors I have provided it. Looking to the development of network business utilizing highly accurate location information and time by launch of “Michibiki”, in April 2017, Enabler shares which is a leading company of technology related to mobile communication, satellite positioning, indoor position information Invested in the company ( Note 5 ), and has entered into business alliance with Enabler Corporation and Positioning Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. ( Note 6 ) which is its subsidiary . Furthermore, in order to process huge amount of information such as high-precision position information and time in real time, it is predicted that use of edge computing as well as cloud is expected to reduce the load of the network, and proprietary edge computing technology We have concluded agency agreement with Relay 2 which we have. Even in the network infrastructure as the foundation, we possess a wealth of experience and expertise that can respond to one stop from planning to design, construction, operation, optimization, both wired and wireless, domestic and overseas.

    (Note 1) Relay 2 Inc .: Headquartered in California, USA Founder and CTO Eric Chen
    Japan (Relay 2 Japan Co., Ltd.) Head office Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Satoshi Arano
    (Note 2) Avicom Japan Co., Ltd.: Head office Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Tsutomu Ando
    (Note 3) GNSS: An abbreviation for Global Navigation Satellite System, indicating a global positioning satellite system. Generic name of satellite positioning system such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, quasi-zenith satellite etc.
    (Note 4) P-Getter: Location information middleware (API) for acquiring and managing position information from mobile terminals
    (Note 5) Enabler Corporation: Head office Minato-ku, Tokyo President Takahiro Shinohara
    (Note 6) Positioning Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.: Headquarters Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Hideyuki Torimoto

    The proper nouns such as the products listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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