Sports Venue WiFi Solutions

Transform the fan experience with lightning fast wireless connectivity and innovative new applications.

The Challenge

Huge crowds with tens of thousands of fans in close proximity make stadiums and arenas the most challenging environment for deploying a wireless network. With almost every fan using their smartphone to check scores, or constantly share the experience by tweeting photos and uploading videos to Facebook, stadiums need a network that can provides the highest levels of performance and capacity.

The Solution

The Relay2 solution delivers amazing performance in extreme high-density environments. And edge applications can create truly unique game day experiences. From locally cached content delivery to mobile ordering, you can make sure fans don’t miss that magic moment.

High Capacity Indoor and Outdoor Wireless


  • Ensure reliable connectivity in the rigorous high density environment of sporting venues and events.
  • Combining high performance radios with advanced wireless optimization, robust high performance connectivity provides the foundation for delivering value-added services.

Fan Engagement Platform

Integrate software solutions and applications directly onto Relay2 Service-Ready Access Point to delivering new and compelling mobile service that improve the fan experience and increase attendance.


  • Engage guests with mobile offers and coupons.
  • Get them straight to their seat with turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Help them never miss a play with in-seat ordering and mobile point-of-sale.
  • Amaze them with high definition videos showing instant replays and on-the-field.

Virtual Infrastructure

Venues need a WiFi solution that financially justifies the deployment. Not only does Relay2 offer a scaleable low TCO solution that streamlines multi-tenant management, but opens up innovative revenue streams through its Managed Virtual Access Point (MVAP) feature. Deploy a single physical wireless infrastructure and sell neutral-host virtual tenant access to carriers and service providers vying to serve their broadband customers at your events.

Read about Relay2’s Managed Virtual Access Point

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