Retail WiFi Solutions

Create amazing personalized on-premise experiences to boost sales and increase loyalty.

The Challenge

The majority of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. Customers want the same kind of experience in-store as they enjoy online, with fast and convenient access to information, pricing, and offers at the touch of their fingertips.

The Solution

Relay2 enables business owners and marketers to roll out mobile-first applications spanning engagement to analytics so that their brick-and-mortar businesses get closer to their customers by providing services over robust WiFi that streamline their business and improve customer experiences.

Mobile Engagement

From social WiFi logins, to in-store promotions, and location-based assistance, Relay2 enables a variety of retail services for stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants that can help improve engagement and drive sales.


  • Mobile-First: Engage directly with customers through their mobile devices
  • Omni-Channel: Merge the online and physical shopping experience
  • Data-Insights: Track and respond to shopper behavior

Untether Your Team

Improve store efficiency and better serve customers by giving your employees the tools they need to meet customers whenever and wherever they need.


  • Combine with customer location to ensure help is available when and where its needed.
  • Mobile over WiFi payments streamlines the buying process.
  • Data-Insights: Track and respond to shopper behavior

In-Store Analytics

Capture foot traffic analytics throughout the day and use the data to optimize staffing, improve merchandising, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and to engage with your most loyal customers. Retailers can proactively use presence information combined with big data analytics to take real-time marketing action to improve sales.

Zero-IT Solution

No on-site IT? No problem. Plug-n-Play Service-Ready Access Points and centralized cloud management make it easy to deploy and manage a complete retail solution at any where from one to thousands of stores.

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Indoor High Performance Service-Ready Access Point

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