Hospitality WiFi Solutions

Go beyond offering guests the WiFi they demand with applications that transform the guest experience.

The Challenge

When it comes to hotel choice, WiFi is important. Very important. Many hotel guests even valuefree, reliable WiFi over a good night’s sleeps.

For business travelers, fast reliable WiFi is essential for staying connected while on the road.
Vacationers need quality connectivity to contact home, check flights, and access entertainment.

Hotels needs reliable WiFi with ubiquitous coverage, reliable connectivity, high capacity to meet intense bandwidth demands, an easy onboarding process, but most importantly a platform for monetizing differentiated services.

The Solution

For hotels, the Relay2 Service Delivery Platform offers multiple opportunities to monetize their guest WiFi and provide differentiated services.

Content Caching

Deliver bandwidth-intensive video and music directly from the service-ready access point, saving network bandwidth and optimizing the performance of Internet or cloud-based services.


  • Videos stored on the SR-AP reduced bandwidth and eliminate latency and jitter.
  • Content stored on the SR-AP is delivered almost instantly creating a great user experience.

Concierge Services

Engage the hotel’s local community through hosted web concierge services. Provide links from the hotel’s portal page to provide local retailers, view points, and touring information around the area.

Enable local businesses to engage guests with targeted and relevant promotions.

Secure, Dedicated Event WiFi

Hosting corporate events, conferences, and tradeshows? Use Relay2’s Managed Virtual Access Point (MVAP) to offer event organizers their own dedicated secure managed WiFi network along with access to value-added services to create an unforgettable event for their attendees.

Quality Wireless Connectivity Everywhere

  • No matter where guest are on the premise, indoor or outdoor, Relay2 portfolio of Service-Ready Access Points allows guests to access robust hotel wireless.
  • Designed to perform under the most demanding environments, Relay2 is the ideal solution for high-density common areas and event venues.

Read about Relay2’s high performance Service-Ready Access Points

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