Conference Venue Solutions

Go beyond just access to give participants the return on investment they need to choose your event.

The Challenge

Conference property owners are vying to attract events and maintain a full calendar of events year long by offering every improving amenities. Event organizers need to provide amazing experiences as well a clear return on investment for event participants.

The Solution

In a data driven world, the Relay2 solution provides event space owners, show organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees the tools they need to make the most out of conferences, conventions, and tradeshows. Offer engagement beyond the standing room only session with venue wide video multicast. Provide venue-wide or booth specific analytics tracking attendee flows and activities. Make secure and high performance wireless access available to all event stakeholders.

In-venue video delivery

Record live session videos that are then distributed. In-venue video delivery can be offered by conference property owners or managed service providers to event organizers as a value-added capability for their event. Leveraging edge storage on the SR-AP, recorded video can be cached via content distribution edge applications. Everything from the SR-AP and edge application to the cached content itself can be centrally managed via the cloud. Distributing video to the edge of the network makes it readily available for real-time on-demand viewing thereby creating whole new attendee experiences.

Location Analytics

Use client location to create powerful insights into foot traffic across the venue. Optimize facilities management based on venue hot-zones. Offer event organizer and exhibitors detailed data on foot traffic at and near exhibits to highlight event ROI.

Secure Multi-tenant Access

Secure Multi-tenant Access (MVAP) is a simple to set up temporary tenant WiFi networks for organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors.


  • For entry-level customers, virtual AP instances can be pre-provisioned with branded SSID and standard network configurations.
  • Advanced customers can access the complete management capability to tailor their show network to meet their specific needs. Enable value-added applications to track and engage with attendees.
  • A single coordinated physical infrastructure keeps the radio spectrum clean to maximize wireless performance for all tenant networks. Rogue AP detection prevents unauthorized AP from cluttering the airwaves.

High Capacity Environment


  • Ensure reliable connectivity in the rigorous high density environment of sporting venues and events
  • Combining high performance radios with advanced wireless optimization, robust high performance connectivity provides the foundation for delivering value-added services.

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