Virtual Edge

Unlock new smarter business model for offering WiFi in multi-tenant environments.

Virtual WiFi Access Points

Relay2’s patent pending Managed Virtual Access Point (MVAP) enables a physical AP to be virtualized into as many as 8 virtual instances. MVAP customers are freed from maintaining a physical device, while enjoying enterprise-class features and performance.

Tenants control their own Virtual APs across one or more physical AP – dedicated login to control and monitor

  • WLAN configuration, ACL, security, RADIUS server, and many other policies
  • Clients and client traffic
  • Edge applications such as engagement, analytics, business applications and much more

Immediate ROI

  • New revenue opportunities from shared WiFi infrastructure
  • Lower CAPEX because physical APs are shared between different customers
  • Lower OPEX because tenant customers do not need to built WLAN competence for WLAN deployment and maintenance

Improved Performance

  • Eliminates need to overbuild the AP infrastructure to accommodate “private WiFi” requests
  • Fewer AP’s with coordinated channel and power settings offer a much cleaner radio environment
  • Clients benefit from much better connectivity

Virtual Edge for:

Property Owners

MVAP can enable property owners to provide a neutral host solution to multiple carriers and hotspot operators offering public access WiFi. In both scenarios.

Service Providers

MVAP is ideal service providers to provide hassle-free, secure WiFi access to tenant businesses in a multi-tenant environment such as shopping centers or temporary networks to event organizers and exhibitors at convention centers.

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