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Enhance Content Delivery Effectiveness and Venue Experiences to Drive Impactful Business Results

Digital content is being widely used in businesses today from operations to customer engagements, to marketing activities. However in real practice, there are always challenges to deliver high quality and large scale digital content to users at a distributed venue, such as, due to Internet delay, bandwidth overload, burst of traffic demand. Relay2 Content Deliver solutions, powered by Relay2 intelligence edge node under its Edge Computing Service Delivery Platform, address those challenges by providing:

  • Edge content hosting capabilities
  • Pre-cached, schedule based, and dynamic web caching features
  • 3rd party and  multi-roles content manageability
  • Easy-to-use content management interface
  • Scalable WiFi connectivity

The solutions improve business content delivery effectiveness and drive superior customer venue experiences.

Closer Content Means Faster, Reliable Content Reachability

Relay2 Content Deliver solutions enables event goer to download games offered at a venue instantly, makes employ training delivery easy with just few clicks away. It allows public transportation, buses or train, to deploy movies that can be quickly accessed and viewed, even during no Internet connection.

Enabling Businesses with Venue to Turn Their Business Physical Asset to Digital Asset

Relay2 Content Delivery solutions also allow businesses to collaborate content delivery with 3rd party partners, such as magazine publisher, media company and education content provider, etc. It enriches digital service offering for the businesses at venue, as well as opens up revenue sharing opportunities.

Content Deliver Solutions Provide Business Values for Various Business Applications

Enriched In-Store Digital Content Service
Today, coffee shop has become the most popular place within a city for friends to meet and relax. Similar to food businesses, how do they attract customers with differentiated products and services, and to sell more products with less overhead. ECH introduces an in-store digital content service in a coffee shop by offering brand aligned entertainment digital content at venue.
Enrich Tour Experience
When you are traveling to a famous tourist attraction, a convenient tour guide service is always needed. How do you leverage mobile users to access the digital content provided by the tour guide service with seamless user experience? With ECH service, when a tourist is within the vicinity of the attraction, he/she can simply connect to the public Wi-Fi network and access the tour guide content easily and instantly.
Scalable Event Digital Content Delivery
During marketing events and conferences, there are always a demand for distributed print collaterals, which is a lot of effort and not eco-friendly. To improve the sales effectiveness, besides the printed material, businesses are turning to branded video, product video, free/shareware, and digital games. Businesses could use ECH service to turn Relay2 SR-AP as an “event storage” hosting the event related digital marketing materials in advance.
Enhanced Video Training Service for Branch
Video training is recognized as the most effective way of communication. Network performance suffers due to large video files being deployed. With each staff operating with different schedules, how to ensure every staff can access the training information quickly and easily. ECH provides an effective solution for businesses by pushing training materials to Relay2 SR-AP nodes in each branch office in advance.

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