WiFi Analytics & Insights

Big data is big business these days. Tapping into the data, metrics, and insights of mobile users can provide tremendous value to business big and small.

Contextual Data

Rich contextual data feeds give you enhanced visibility into your customers.

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Location Awareness
  • Local integration. Enable real-time responsive and personalized applications
  • Cloud aggregation. Uncover trends across time and locations
  • External integration with social networks and datasets create comprehensive profiles of customers that retailers can then act on in realtime.

Client Aware

Deep Packet Inspection. Each Relay2 SR-AP comes equipped with a powerful network processor that allows line rate inspection of all traffic flows across the wireless network. DPI provides visibility well beyond just the IP quintuple and up into the application layer, which enables insights into user behavior, applications, and content.


  • Videos stored on the SR-AP reduced bandwidth and eliminate latency and jitter.
  • Content stored on the SR-AP is delivered almost instantly creating a great user experience.

Location Aware

Location Services. Collect real-time location statistics on all mobile users in and around your property, revealing number of visitors, dwell time, foot traffic patterns, and much more.

Data-Driven Decisions

Aggregate traffic and location data across time and locations. A single unified view of how user and device provide intelligent and actionable insights to improve businesses.

Predictive Analytics

Unlock unique insights and predictive responses by analyzing collected client traffic and location across your entire network. Create powerful heuristics for locally targeting content and offers to guests.

Cloud Integration

The Relay2 Cloud API makes it easy to integrate additional datasets whether private, purchased, or public to truly understand your customer.

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