WiFi Solutions in Multi-Tenant Environments

Multi-Tenancy creates multiple challenges for reliable WiFi access with traditional approaches.

Scenario: Tenants build “private WiFi” resulting in overbuilt AP infrastructure.

Challenge: Massive interference from neighboring APs transmitting on the same or adjacent channels and everyone suffers.

Scenario: Owner provide service through monolithic physical infrastructure enabling access to management tools to allow access to all SSID’s.

Challenge: Compromise privacy and security.


Scenario: Owner provides service by managing tenant account.

Challenge: Venue owners have to micro-manage SSID and settings for the tenants which is both inefficient and restrictive.

Monetize the Air-Space

Relay2 enables property owners to monetize the air-space in their buildings, and deliver high-performance Wi-Fi as a Service to their tenants, thereby saving them time, trouble and money.

Patent pending Managed Virtual AP (MVAP) feature allows multiple tenants to share one access point with complete security and segregation of networking resources.

  • Reduces per tenant costs
  • Keeps air-waves clear to yield far superior performance for all.
  • Adds tremendous flexibility, allowing tenant additions, moves, and changes on-the-fly.
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