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Monetizing Cloud Wi-Fi Services

Monetizing Cloud Wi-Fi Services

Relay2’s Cloud Wi-Fi platform is specifically designed to enable Service Providers to offer value-added services over Wi-Fi as a managed service for businesses.

Flexible Business Model

  • Lowest TCO. The Relay2 Cloud SaaS model provides service providers and system integrators with a flexible, low-cost business model. By eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware controllers, feature licenses, software upgrades, and maintenance support, Relay2 offers its partners an option to simply license its service at the lowest TCO of any enterprise-class WiFi solution.
  • Highest ROI. Delivering Cloud WiFi access is just the beginning of a highly profitable services revenue stream. Our solution goes beyond basic Wi-Fi access enabling Service Providers to become strategic partners to their customers by also delivering business-centric value-added Wi-Fi services and applications over a Cloud Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Massive Scalability

The Relay2 Cloud Controller enables simple, rapid AP deployment with no physical hardware connection boundaries or subnetting restrictions. To expand wireless coverage, simply add more APs. Whether the networks are on multiple floors, across an enterprise campus, or at different locations around the world, the administrator can instantly monitor and manage configurations of all the networks from anywhere using Relay2’s browser-based Cloud Controller.

Tiered Multi-Tenancy

Service Providers need a multi-tier management framework that gives them visibility and control of all their customers’ networks and the services being delivered, while also allowing their business customers to access their own network information whenever they want.


  • Customer Tier :Relay2’s management framework allows multiple users at each subscriber business to have different privileges for management and control of resources, network monitoring, access to analytics and reporting, and enablement of services.
  • Service Provider Tier: Service Providers can manage and see all their business subscribers’ networks and the services on them.
  • Relay2 Tier: To provide prompt support to service provider when needed, the network operations team staffing Relay2’s NOC are able to monitor the health of every business subscriber’s network

Tiered Multi-Tenancy Management Framework

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