Content Delivery


Rich Media Content Delivery

With the explosion of mobile users has come an explosion in network traffic. Multicast video and on-demand video replays are becoming extremely popular engagement tools, but because of the sheer demand, video and other rich media can quickly choke a network.

Local Content Hosting

Stand up a local captive portal on the SR-AP to provide easy access to local information and services. Easily manage the content from the cloud.
Push high definition videos to the edge of the network.
Run a mobile music jukebox from the SR-AP.


  • Videos stored on the SR-AP reduced bandwidth and eliminate latency and jitter.
  • Content stored on the SR-AP is delivered almost instantly creating a great user experience.

Content Caching

Dynamically cache popular content on the SR-AP to speed up user experience without congesting you Internet connection.
Pre-cache content from key domains or based on historical traffic patterns.

Transform On-Premise Content Delivery with Built-In Web Services

Relay2 provides a full-suite of web services spanning web caching to local storage that are open to 3rd party developers to integrate their own content and delivery services with.

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