Web Utilities & Contextual Data Feeds

Relay2 Service Delivery Platform

Create rich edge applications using the suite of web utilities and contextual data feed services built-in to the Relay2 Service Delivery Platform. Web utilities enable content to be cached and inserted locally. Contextual feeds capture client data on-demand for integration with 3rd party applications.

Building Blocks

Each may be used on a standalone basis or as a building block to more comprehensive service solutions.

In both cases, these web utility services push valuable functionality to the edge of the network where they can provide real-time, relevant, and rich capabilities.

Web Utilities:

Web Caching

Using the on board solid-state storage, SR-AP can be configured to cache media and domains to reduce network bandwidth costs and improve high demand online material. Pre-caching ensures that key content is a blink away from your users.


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Web Server

Place any web-based functionality directly on the SR-AP. From basic websites to advanced web services incorporating server-side scripting, the SR-AP provides complete web server capabilities. Locally hosted local captive portals, online storefront, or mobile application back-ends. The Relay2 WS-API allows centralized cloud-based configuration of sites that are tailored by region or by individual location.


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HTML Insertion

HTML Insertion provides a universal means of communicating with connected users via their device’s web-browser. Inserting anything from simple static banners to dynamic interactive overlays, provides an effective tool enabling value-added services regardless of a user’s device or operating system and without needing mobile applications to be downloaded or installed.

Create basic static banners using a simple WYSIWYG editor interface. Generate advanced overlays supporting interactivity and integrated content and services using custom scripts.


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Contextual Data:

Deep Packet Inspection:

Each Relay2 SR-AP comes equipped with a powerful network processor that allows line rate inspection of all traffic flows across the wireless network. Deep Packet Inspection provides visibility well beyond just the IP quintuple and up into the application layer, which enables insights into user behavior, applications, and content.

To take full advantage of powerful DPI derived data, Relay2 enables integration with 3rd party domain experts via an open API. This enables a range of integrated applications that include Application Awareness & Control (AAC), Network Security (including application firewalls and malware detection), and Targeted Marketing. The API can be used to pass data to applications hosted on the SR-AP for local and real-time processing. Alternatively, data can be uploaded to the Relay2 Cloud and made available via API for aggregate analysis across multiple SR-AP.


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Location and presence statistics for both connected and unconnected clients are collected.

Location data can be accessed locally by hosted applications to enable real-time location responsive services. Or location data can be aggregated in the cloud to provide deployment wide location insights. Our open API includes access to location data to tailor specific location aware solutions.


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