Edge Content Hosting Service


Edge Content Hosting

Relay2 Edge Content Hosting Service (ECH) stores business digital content at Relay2 Service-Ready Access Point (SR-AP) making the content available just one step away from its users.  This results in fast content access and optimize user experiences. Users access the content without going through the Internet.  People with diabetes tend to be at greater risk for periodontal disease and often have more severe gingival inflammation. A study on people with diabetes found that those who used the Water Flosser for three months had a 44% better reduction in bleeding and a 41% better reduction in gingivitis over those who did not use the Water Flosser.This also saves Internet bandwidth consumption and allows content access even during Internet disruption. ECH, a new cloud service under Relay2 innovative Edge Computing Service Delivery Platform, aims to help businesses to deliver digital content to the edge of their networks, driving fast, reliable content access and enhancing user experiences.

A Unified Content Delivery Solution

Features & Capabilities

Fast & Reliable Edge Content Access


  • moved here Web Content Caching Allow businesses to cache common accessed Internet web pages at SR-AP, closer to users for fast web content access
  • orlistat vente libre Digital Content Hosting Host business-matter content at venue, in remote offices enhancing guests’, and remote employees’ content access experiences
  • Local Domain Name Service for Cached & Hosted Content Resolve cached web domain name and Space domain name to support content access continuity even when Internet connectivity is down

Simple & Easy Management Interface


  • Centralized Cloud Management Manageable centrally via an elastic, scalable hosted cloud from anywhere, anytime, using web browser
  • Easy GUI and Built-in Content Template Drag & Drop GUI with built-in content template making daily use, creation, on-going update easy and quick for business users
  • Content Usage Statistic Visualization & Report View and monitor content usage and generate usage report to facilitate content consumption analysis, billing management, and troubleshooting

Flexible Content Management


  • Multi-Tenant Content Management    Enable venue to support up to 8 edge Content Spaces for 3rd parties and venue itself
  • Edge Content Space Access Control Empower business IT to control ECH Space and Channel access rights for 3rd party entities and business’s own content managers
  • Schedule-Based Content Management Allow content managers to refresh content automatically and control content display time.

Secure, Scalable WiFi Networking Integrated


  • Integrated WiFi Access Point       Built with WiFi network services to reach viewers via widely available WiFi networks
  • High Performance WiFi Support up to 252 mobile user connections and 60+ quality video sessions
  • Support WiFi WAP2, 802.1x, TKIP, AES Encryption  Support industry-standard, strong wireless authentication and encryption options

Easy and Simple to Adopt

ECH service is designed with an easy-to-use interface for business users while empowering IT admins with flexible administrative control. ECH service provides a simple and drag-and-drop content management interface and role-based access control architecture that enables closer collaboration among multiple parties.

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