Central Cloud Management Providing Unified Application and Network Control

where do bodybuilders buy Clomiphene The Relay2 Cloud Manager provides a single-pane-of-glass for centrally managing both edge applications and the network itself. With an intuitive web-based interface, the Relay2 Cloud Manager gives management access from anywhere around the world without any special software client installations. The Relay2 Cloud Manager offers feature-rich graphical user interfaces such as a dashboard view for current status, intuitive provisioning pages, and detailed monitor & statistics views.

Application Management & Maintenance

For managing edge services, the Relay2 Cloud includes an app store and app management and maintenance views.

The App store is a repository of applications developed based on the Relay2 MASE technology. Applications can be published to the app store to be ready for deployment on Relay2 SR-AP. Applications can be configured for either for public or private use.

Completely remotely, owners of Relay2 APs can select applicable applications from the App Store to be deployed on their APs. They can select either private apps that are developed by their own developers, or public apps that are developed by any 3rd party developers.

Once deployed, AP owners are able to control starting, restarting, and stopping applications.
The activities and status of the applications can be managed and monitored remotely including upgrades, running status, application health, configuration, as well as application maintenance details.

Interested in publishing your application to the Relay2 App Store?


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