Deliver Edge Applications

Our Intelligent Edge Enables On-premise Business Applications

Business applications and services are brought to life at the network edge, on-premise, and near mobile users via our Service-Ready Access Points. The only AP that combines high performance access with integrated compute and storage.

intelligent edge compute access storage

Why Edge Applications?

Reduced network bandwidth

Decreased request latency

Increased responsiveness and interactivity

Integrated real-time location and client data



High performance wireless provides the foundation for delivering value-added services to mobile users.

  • Fast reliable coverage
  • Optimized for challenging client-dense environments
  • Advanced radio management


With up to a 4-Core processor, the Relay2 SR-AP has enough horsepower to run a broad range of applications without degrading client performance or impacting the precision of QoS and bandwidth management enforcement.

  • Firewall, VPN, and other security features
  • IP PBX and other business communication services
  • Content delivery and acceleration
  • Local traffic and location data analytics
  • Responsive real-time advertising


With up to 128GB of solid-state storage, the SR-AP is able to host a multitude of applications as well as rich content.

  • Storage: Local storage of web pages, apps and multimedia enables services such as captive portal pages for hotspots to be served directly from the AP.
  • Cache: Advanced caching technology enables instantaneous delivery of frequently accessed apps and multimedia to users without placing any load on the upstream network.
Service-Ready Access Point

Learn more about our Service-Ready Access Points

Container hosting of edge applications

The Mobile Application Service Engine (MASE) is Relay2’s patent pending framework for hosting multiple edge application in secure and isolated application container environments running on the SR-AP. MASE virtualizes the AP hardware resources to provide the flexibility to run a broad range of unique applications while ensuring the integrity of the underlying SR-AP system.

  • Application containers holds everything needed for an edge app to run.
  • Standard Linux services are available to the applications natively.
  • Advanced features and built-in services are provided by Relay2 MASE API.

Edge applications running on the AP fully support cloud-based configuration, monitoring, and event logging.

Built-in Services

The SR-AP comes ready with a suite of built-in services that can be used either as standalone capabilities or as building blocks to custom edge apps.

Web Utilities

Web Utilities

Web utilities including HTML insertion, web caching, and web hosting enable typically cloud based web services to be moved on-premise thereby reducing networking bandwidth and decreasing request latencies. Hosted web services can range from static HTML pages, Javascript, and multimedia to dynamic capabilities utilizing standard interactive interfaces.

Contextual Data

Contextual Data

Contextual data including client traffic via advanced flowed based Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and client location allow extensive real-time analytics enabling integrated capabilities ranging from firewall and content filtering to geo-fencing and proximity detection. Data is also uploaded to the Relay2 Cloud and available for aggregate big data analytics.

Learn More About Web Utilities and Contextual Data Services

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