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An Open Platform for Developing Edge Business Apps

you could check here Allows third parties to integrate their solutions or develop new unique services leveraging our intelligent edge hardware and powerful cloud services.

An open software development kit for building business applications and services to be deployed on Relay2 Service-Ready Access Points.
Built on the Linux-based OpenWRT build environment of the SR-AP. Leveraging OpenWRT provides an extensible system that lets developers speed development time and use thousands of off-the-shelf software packages to add functionality to their Relay2 apps.
Includes a suite of tools that allow developers to manage the installation of their apps on a Relay2 Service-Ready Access Point as part of their development testbed.


A suite of open RESTFUL API enables deep integration between the Relay2 platform and both edge applications and external cloud services.

EDGE: The Edge API allows developers to automate application configuration and to integrate with the built-in web services and contextual data feeds.

CLOUD: The Cloud API offers a list of services to configure and monitor AP, WLAN, and WLAN related security settings, as well as access aggregate network and client statistics.

Comprehensive Tools, Documentation, & Support


Developers can upload and publish applications to the Relay2 Cloud App Store where they are available on a private or public basis. Once published, applications are ready for deployment to SR-AP.



Detailed, well-organized documentation for all functionality in the Relay2 SDK and API make it easy to get started building edge applications.


From initial design, to testing and certification, and finally publishing and deployment, at all stages in the development process, Relay2 is committed to providing the support developers need to rapidly build their edge applications.

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