Platform Overview

Combine the power of the cloud

Cloud computing provides near-infinite processing power and storage, centralized management, and straightforward integration. But the cloud has limitations: content and app requests must travel across the entire network to data centers and back again. That takes bandwidth and it takes time.

…with the proximity of the network edge

To provide real-time response to on-premise users, Relay2 moves the content and apps users need to the devices closest to them: on-premise WiFi access points. These devices live on the outermost edge of a network, so this strategy is called “edge processing” or “fog computing.”

Relay2: At the edge: In the cloud

Only the Relay2 Service Delivery Platform combines the full strengths of both the cloud and the network edge to enable innovative new services over WiFi for service providers and their business customers by bringing cloud-managed intelligence, applications, and content to the edge of the network, as close as possible to mobile customers, guests, employees, and smart devices.

The Relay2 Service Delivery Platform helps businesses quickly:

  1. Build money-making WiFi apps and services
  2. Deliver apps to customers and employees while on premise
  3. Manage apps, edge networks, and devices

Build money-making WiFi apps and services

The Relay2 Services Delivery Platform is an open solution that gives businesses, service providers, and our partners the interfaces and tools to innovate with. A complete set of open API and an SDK enables third-party developers to easily integrate and build a range of customized services for businesses.

Learn how Relay2 development tools and technologies help build profit-generating apps and services.

Deliver services to on-premise mobile users

Customers want experiences that delight, and the Relay2 Service Delivery Platform lets you give it to them. WiFi apps and services are hosted and run at the edge of the network on intelligent service-ready access points for instant insights into customer behavior, lightning fast response times, and a richer customer experience.

Learn how Relay2’s Service-Ready Access Point enables innovative edge applications.

Manage both network and apps via the cloud

The Relay2 Cloud Manager is a centralized web-based system for managing wireless LANs, services, apps, and edge devices. Unified cloud management enables simple, rapid growth whether networks are spread across multiple floors or different countries.

Learn how the Relay2 Cloud provides unified control of both the network and edge services.
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