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Half of being successful in life is focusing on what you’re good at. And so, Relay2 has spent the past 4 years building and improving our service delivery platform specifically for enabling third-parties to build innovative business solutions. As an open and extensible platform, Relay2 has a total commitment to working closely with leading technology OEM, solution providers, application developers, and system integrators to deliver next-generation business applications and services that meet the demands of managed service providers and their business customers.

Benefits of Partnering with Relay2

Comprehensive set of development tools

Developer Support

Managed Service Provider Relationships

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Featured Partner

Relay2 & Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited (FNETS) have partnered to enhance the growth of FNET’s edge computing business in the Japanese market. FNETS will leverage Relay2’s next-generation Cloud WiFi integrated Edge Computing Platform.

The Relay2 Platform

Perhaps you’re tackling vertical-specific challenges in retail, hospitality, venues, or other industries. Or maybe you’re enabling new cross-vertical use cases. Relay2 provides the platform, tools, and support to align with best-of-breed technology partners to simplify building never before possible enterprise solutions and create low complexity, low cost integrations for an accelerated time to market.

  • Develop a complete edge application leveraging the Relay2 Edge SDK
  • Build on-premise web services using the built-in HTML insertion, web caching, and web server at the edge
  • Integrate existing solutions via either local edge API or centralized cloud API

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